Acura Transmission Repair
Near Atlanta, Ga

Acura, the premium subsidiary of Honda, is renowned for its precision engineering in clutch, gearbox, and driveshaft components. Its transmission system is pivotal in delivering this excellence, akin to other vehicles. However, with prolonged use, the transmission elements can deteriorate or sustain damage, necessitating maintenance or replacement.

At Fastlane, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive and professional transmission repair services for Acura vehicles.

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Our Transmission Repair Process

  1. Expert Diagnosis:
    • Our team begins with a state-of-the-art diagnostic scan to read any DTCs from your Acura's onboard computer.
    • We then perform a detailed road test, noting any shifting abnormalities, noises, or engagement delays.
    • A thorough check of the transmission fluid level and quality is conducted, ensuring no burnt smells or dark discoloration.
  2. Efficient Removal:
    • Safety first! We disconnect the negative battery terminal.
    • Any obstructing components, from exhaust systems to crossmembers, are carefully removed.
    • With precision, we disconnect all electrical connectors, linkages, or cables linked to the transmission.
    • We use top-tier equipment to safely support and lower the transmission.
  3. Detailed Disassembly:
    • Our technicians methodically disassemble the transmission on a pristine workbench.
    • We drain the fluid and inspect vital components, such as the valve body, clutch packs, bands, and gears.
  4. Top-Quality Repair or Replacement:
    • Any damaged or worn components are replaced with high-quality parts, ensuring longevity and smooth operation.
    • If necessary, Fastlane offers options for full transmission replacements, always ensuring the best fit for your Acura.
  5. Meticulous Reassembly:
    • Once repairs are made, our experts reassemble the transmission.
    • We use only the recommended transmission fluid and ensure all gaskets and seals are in perfect condition to prevent leaks.
  6. Professional Reinstallation:
    • Your transmission is carefully placed back into position, ensuring all connections are secure.
    • All other components are restored to their original positions, making sure your Acura runs as smoothly as it did before.
  7. Comprehensive Testing:
    • Post-repair, we fill the transmission with the specified fluid and test thoroughly.
    • A comprehensive test drive confirms all gears shift flawlessly, and no unusual sounds or behaviors persist.
    • Our advanced diagnostic tools confirm no remaining DTCs and, if needed, recalibrate the transmission to Acura's specifications.
  8. Post-Repair Care:
    • For optimal performance post-repair, Fastlane recommends a follow-up transmission fluid change to ensure cleanliness.
    • We're always here for periodic checks and maintenance, ensuring the longevity of your Acura's transmission.

Trust your Acura with Fastlane Import Auto Repair – where excellence meets efficiency.