Fuel System Cleaning Woodstock, GA

Fuel System Cleaning or Fuel Induction Service is important to keep your Modern Import Vehicle running properly & efficiently. Fastlane Import Auto Repair, is your Import Specialist in Woodstock, GA at 7853 Highway 92

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Fuel System Cleaning or Fuel Induction Service

Professional Fuel injector cleaning & Maintenance is important to maximizing your car’s performance and reliability. Fuel system cleaning services provide excellent benefits to your vehicle, such as maximizing fuel economy & reduced vehicle emissions. A well-maintained fuel system restores performance and improves drivability. Our ASE certified technicians can properly clean your vehicle’s fuel system on most makes and models of Japanese vehicles.

Does using Fastlane for Fuel System Cleaning void my factory warranty?

No this will not void your Vehicle’s factory warranty, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 protects consumers from dealerships voiding your warranty during service.

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Here Are Some Symptoms That Are Caused By Carbon Buildup:

Master Technician

Repeated stalling

Rough idle

Poor fuel mileage

Engine pinging

Poor acceleration

Hesitation or lurching

Lack of or poor performance

Premature Detonation, sounds like shaking a coke can full of gravel